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Moving home – Don’t take a risk with a rogue!

So, what’s is the difference between a professional removals company and a rogue trader pretending to provide a professional removals service? And more importantly how do we spot the difference?

In this blog we look at the vastly different levels of service you can receive and give you some hints and tips on not making a massive mistake with your choice of removals company.

Moving house is one of the most stressful things we ever experience. A ‘proper’ firm will deliver your worldly goods from one home to the next seamlessly and with everything in one piece. The entire process will be smooth, and they will help keep your stress levels down. But there are many out there who will not look after you in the same way. A fancy website or smart look doesn’t always give the real picture.

This link is just one person’s story. The person who wrote it even names a friend who owns a removals company and its not us as you will see. It is a totally independent review of a move gone wrong, but their experience is one we want to share with you so you can make the right decisions when you choose your moving company. Take a look at as it does paint a picture of just some the horrors that can be faced.

So, what is the difference in a good and bad mover and what should you look out for?

A good moving company will normally be part of a recognised body or association that helps to ensure there is some degree of regulation on the company and it has professionalism before it is allowed into membership of that body. Look out for companies that are members of the British Association of Removers (BAR), or The National Guild of Removers, or the Association of Independent Movers (AIM).

Each has criteria for membership and typically it will help ensure your move is insured correctly for any losses or damages, that the company is qualified, with trained and experienced operatives who know the correct techniques for packing, handling, stowing on trucks etc. There’s nothing worse than poor protection or items being thrown into a van and not loaded in the correct way.

Taxi Trucks is a proud member of the BAR, that has a very strict code of practice for its members, they inspect us annually, provide an independent dispute resolution scheme for our customers, and financial protection for you when you’ve paid up front for your removal through its Advanced Payment Guarantee.

Click here for more information on what BAR means to you, and the benefits of moving with a BAR Member company.

House Movers: Use a BAR Member for your move - British Association of Removers

A bad company can offer little if any protection and is answerable only to itself. They may lack experience and training, may not have proper insurance, and they often don’t protect items correctly on their vehicles or in the boxes when they pack, resulting in damage and breakages.

A bad company may not ‘operate’ correctly with a robust plan of action for your move, which can cause delays and sometimes this results in heavy additional cost that they will force you to pay. They have even been known to ask for additional money unjustifiably, even on the day of the move, which you have no means of disputing or getting back.

Put simply, a good moving company comes with protections for you that the rogue moving company doesn’t.

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