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Hints & Tips
  • Moving home is a great time to have a clear out. Commonly known as ‘decluttering’, so take this opportunity to get rid of those things you don’t want or need. There are several ways you might consider disposing of things. You can give them away to friends or family, donate them to charities or sell them. Some charities will collect, which can be particularly useful for large items. Selling could not be easier and some of the places you can sell include boot sales, Ebay, Facebook and Vinted, amongst others. Decluttering can also potentially save money if it reduces the volume of goods you are moving.
  • Check out the area if you’re moving away from somewhere that might be more familiar to an area that might be new to you and your family. If you have kids or animals maybe you can take them on one or two familiarisation trips before mover day. Kids will love that, and by taking a drive or walk around the area your moving to will help make the entire process less daunting for you all. Particularly if you have children it can add to the adventure and excitement and often helps ease any stress or worry anybody might have about the move.
  • When you’ve moved into your new home you might need to do some DIY or have people in to work on your new home helping you to make improvements. Why not find out what DIY shops and stores are close to the new home and maybe even visit them to see what they can offer you. If its trades people you are going to need, start looking online to find what you need. You don’t have to wait until after the move to do this. 
  • Check out early what you can to help you and your family settle in and enjoy the social activities you want in your life. Examples may include clubs, sports teams, gyms, places of worship, pubs, restaurants etc.
Your to do List

Four weeks out

  • Get removals estimates and book your chosen firm
  • Order packing materials if your supplying your own
  • Plan where furniture will go in your new home
  • Get rid of things that won’t fit in the new home
  • Book time off work
  • Declutter and dispose of anything you don’t need or want

Two weeks out

  • Inform electricity, gas, phone and broadband suppliers that you’re moving
  • Arrange for mail to be redirected with the Post Office
  • Transfer your TV licence to the new address
  • Start packing those non-essentials – begin outside or on the top floor
  • Begin running down the fridge and freezer
  • Get your landline number redirected
  • Arrange who will look after your pets and/or children during the move

One week out

  • Inform your GP surgery and register with a new one if moving to another area
  • Tell your local council and ask for a council tax statement
  • Inform your bank(s), credit card companies and insurance providers
  • Send out change of address messages to friends and family
  • Transfer any plants and trees you’re taking into pots

One to two days to go

  • Defrost the freezer
  • Pack a box for moving day – loo roll, soap, tea bags, mugs, bin bags, phone charger, pet food, bedding
  • Set aside valuable items and personal documents you will transport yourself
  • Disconnect dishwasher & washing machine
  • Label boxes with the rooms they will go into in your new home
  • Label items and keys for the new owner

Moving day

  • Strip beds
  • Allow time for cleaning – set aside your vacuum cleaner and clothes
  • Drop your keys off with the estate agent
  • Pick up keys to your new home

After moving in

  • Unpack room by room. Start with the kitchen  
  • Check utilities are running smoothly and take meter readings  
  • Update your address on the electoral register  
  • Update your pet’s microchip address; register with local vet
  • Change locks
  • Enjoy your new home!
  • Don’t forget to recommend TT Removals whenever you can.
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