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Packing services

Packing for the move needs to be done properly if everything is going to arrive at its destination undamaged and exactly as it leaves your current home. If everything is labelled properly with its contents marked on boxes and you know exactly what box goes where in your new home, then it removes all the uncertainty and stress of muddling around on moving day trying to find out what goes where.

TT Removals can provide you with a professional packing service, using specialist packing materials and processes on moving day to ensure everything is where it should be in your new home and easy for you to find and put away in the right room, drawer, or cupboard.

However, if you would prefer to pack or part pack yourself then here are some useful tips to help you.

  • Start packing early and don’t underestimate how long packing takes.
  • Declutter and donate/sell.
  • Pack heavy items in small boxes and lighter items in large boxes
  • Use plenty of padding around fragile items.
  • Make sure you tape up the bottom of boxes well so that nothing can fall out.
  • Fill boxes up and don’t leave spaces.
  • Pack items you don’t use often first, even weeks before you move.
  • Make a list of what is in each carton and number them.
  • Preferably do the list by room
  • Mark the carton number, room, and contents on the carton
  • Use quality packing materials. We can sell materials to you if you wish.
  • Start packing early and don’t leave it to the last minute.
  • Leave the protection of furniture to us. We will cover and load furniture on our vehicle to protect it correctly.
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