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Taylor Wimpey, one of the UK’s largest residential developers are creating over 600 new homes in Taxitruck Removals home town of Maldon in Essex.

They range from 1-5-bedroom stylish detached homes located along Limebrook Way Maldon.

Taxitruck Removals Ltd being established BAR member based in Maldon Essex is looking forward to carrying out many moves to this exciting new development by Taylor Wimpey.

Taxitruck Removals was established in 1973 & located in Maldon since 1990 when it moved to a larger storage warehouse, so has been Maldon’s home removal company now for 28 years, offering full storage, moving & packing services for all those thinking of moving to our lovely estuary town of Maldon in Essex.


The place-name Maldon is first attested in 913 in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, where it appears as Maeldun. Maldon’s name comes from mǣl meaning ‘monument or cross’ and dūn meaning ‘hill’, so translates as ‘monument hill’. East Saxons settled the area in the 5th century and the area to the south is still known as the Dengie Peninsula after the Dæningas. It became a significant Saxon port with a hythe or quayside and artisanquarters. Evidence of imported pottery from this period has been found in archaeological digs. From 958 there was a royal mint issuing coins for the late Anglo-Saxon and early Norman kings.

It was one of the only two towns in Essex (Colchester was the other), and King Edward the Elder is thought to have lived here while combating the Danish settlers who had overrun North Essex and parts of East Anglia. A Viking raid was beaten off in 924, but in another raid in 991 the defenders were defeated in the Battle of Maldon and the Vikings received tribute but apparently did not attempt to sack the town. It became the subject of the celebrated Old English poem “The Battle of Maldon”. The battle is commemorated by a window in St Mary’s Church and by a statue on the quayside of the slain Saxon warrior Byrhtnoth.Source:,_Essex

So if you are looking at moving in or out of Maldon give the local experts a call on 01621 868 882 or Email here.

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